yuki.scr – open-sourcing a 2-day project from 3 years ago

A long time ago, on 4chan’s /w/, there was a thread #426444. Someone posted a gif wallpaper based on Nagato Yuki hacking a LAN game tournament to stop the other side cheating.

But what everyone really wanted was a screen-saver version… and I had one of those ‘I can do this!’ moments (does not happen very often). The basic plan was simple, write a screen-saver (in Windows these are just binary executables with .scr instead of .exe) that spawned terminal-looking windows, scrolled random crap down them for a while, then closed them a little later. After some fiddling about with timing, text-scroll-speed and max number of windows on screen at once, I had something that created a nicely disconcerting effect.

So less than 6 hours of VB6-hacking later (and while the thread was still active) I posted v0.01. It eventually reached v0.04, then stalled. For nearly 3 years the code has sat bit-rotting. The binary download has had averaged aprox 5 downloads a day since release (was in the 100s on initial release). About once a month I would get a request asking for the source but I never got round to posting it.

Until now.

Yes, the world can now real in the glory of my crappy VB6 code written in a time before I knew Java. Given I now run Ubuntu, I can not even ‘compile’ it any more. Chances of anyone else bothering to try basically round down to 0. But screwit, I got round to publishing it eventually.

I was just about to say that I don’t have a video to show you… but what do I know? A quick YouTube search and I find this:

Which is awesome as it nicely saves me the bother of trying to make my own video. ^^

WORLD, GO KNOCK YOURSELF OUT! While I go raid the drinks cupboard…

EDIT: Fixed download link: yuki.scr.00.04.036.zip

5 Responses to “yuki.scr – open-sourcing a 2-day project from 3 years ago”

  1. muge says:

    Haha, I remember using this.
    Might still have it somewhere in the depths of my HD somewhere.
    Good times.

  2. Charles says:

    On my case, I just found this, haha, and it looks pretty damn sweet. I actually have the wallpaper sized gif in my HSnY folder, never really used it, but this is so much better. Thanks for your work!

  3. whatever says:

    how the fuck am i meant to get this screensaver back, fucking code on github, yeah okay, but what the FUCK am i meant to do with this for christ’s sake.

    is it so fucking hard to just give us the fucking old screensaver as it was, or i dunno, keep your old fucking website up so people can get the screensaver?

    years i have had this screensaver, and NOW i can’t fucking get it back it’s fucking painful

  4. はく says:

    I have fixed the download link the post. Sorry about that!

  5. whatever says:

    my rude manner is unforgivable

    thank you

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