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Morrigan on GitHub

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

I have finally settled on using GitHub to manage Morrigan’s source code long term and to that end have begun to get properly acquainted with using git for development. I have always liked git’s approach to managing code and my first experience with GitHub’s support staff sold me on it – supported ticket resolved and closed in 7 minutes flat.

Moving Morrigan’s code from SVN to git is fairly straight forward. The more interesting challenge is going to be moving from private source to public source. I am going to licence the code under Apache 2 licence (this plays best with my employers’ interests) and I would like to be sure that the first copy of the code to hit the public is correctly marked, attributed etc. This means the fun of adding headers to all code files… but that’s ok as I already have a script for that.

I also want to come up with a clean method of separating my code from the binary dependencies it depends on.

As I am figuring this out I am initially only going to put one simple bundle on GitHub – once everything is cool the rest will follow. The initial bundle is just a crappy eclipse-ui-calender thing I wrote as a port of the app I was using on Windows before I moved to Linux. Its not as good but uses the same data files. Its really very crap. _._;;

The GitHub project can be found here: