When life hands you lemons…

… make lemonade.

Along with many others, I am stranded until a certain antisocial geological event gets over its angst. But on the bright side, San Francisco is defiantly near the top of my list of places to get stranded in.

Though my brother wins the prize of most failed attempt to fly home. He was scheduled to fly home a few days before the rest of us (due to prior commitments) and was almost half way home when the first eruption occurred. His flight got turned round and resulted in an 8 hour flight to where he started.

Just over a day later he was on standby for a flight from SF to Glasgow, Scottish airspace having just cleared. He just managed to get a seat on the flight and we all thought he might actually make it this time. So we did some shopping and went out for dinner. Around dessert time a phone goes “beep-beep” – a text message: “Got turned around again. Meet you at the hotel?” Another (4 hour) flight to where he started, because the volcano erupted *again*.

So we are all still in sunny SF and likely to remain here for some time. But as I said before, could be worse.

Though now I need to email my managed and explain my situation. Ironically, I had chosen to travel with my work laptop to guard against getting stranded due to industrial action (if forced, I could try and work remotely).

So instead of flying home, tomorrow morning we are going to cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge and find brunch somewhere on the other side of the bay.

Funny old world really.

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