American Sizes

Hopefully I should be flying back to the UK this afternoon. So as a leaving thought, I have a proposal for American restaurants.

Please place some form of indicator next to each item on the menu to give the reader an idea of exactly how much for they are ordering. I propose the following 1 to 5 scale:

1. You will still be hungry after eating this and wonder if this was just a starter.
2. A good meal, but you will still have space for desert.
3. You will finish this, but feel quite fat for doing so and feel guilty until you have had a good walk to exercise some of it of.
4. We did not put the phrase “for 2 to share” in the title because then you would order less food. The cooks will probably laugh at you if you order one each.
5. Seriously, this is just obscene. Not even a law court would believe this is just for one person.

Think it would catch on?

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