When to deviate from conventions

When following conventions of working within a framework, it is import to know when to follow and when to deviate. As was once famously said, “Rules are there to make you think before you break them.”.

Previously I mused on the possibility of creating a fixed control bar across the top of Morrigan’s main window. This is, surprisingly, a completely supported feature of RCP and some experimentation this afternoon yielded this:

It is not wired up yet, but that should not take too long. I will also remove the menu bar and re-home the few unique commands it contains. The toolbar buttons that controlled lists will be moved to the top the list editors themselves. The video can then be shown in either a view, an editor or full screen (or as a last resort, at the right-hand end of the control bar).

Also Morrigan now has global hotkey support on both Windows and Linux. Well, on windows at least. Linux global hotkey support still has a fatal bug I have yet to solve.

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