Morrigan Project media player – first alpha release

While development is still in early days, now seems like a nice time to gather some preliminary feed back. Hopefully this should give people a feel for what I am aiming for. Also I would like to catch any really nasty show-stopping bugs ASAP.

I have draft entries about some of the ideas I want to explore with this project which I will try and finish and post in the next few days.

Known issues:
– The playback engine implementation currently packaged, while being truly cross-platform, is somewhat flaky and will randomly reject certain malformed files.
– On Ubuntu (and other linux?) it will fail to play anything if a flash object is loaded. This is an issue with the non-free linux flash player.

Obviously this is an alpha build and is intended for testing only. It is likely to explode randomly at any time. I have not decided on which (open source) licence to release under, so for now this alpha build is supplied “as is” – use at your own risk. For now, I reserve copyright on any content that is copyrightable.
These downloads contain 3rd party libraries: sqlitejdbc, mp3SPI, vorbisSPI and of course the Rich Client Platform.

Any and all feedback is greatly welcomed, particularly if you find a bug! And if you are feeling super keen, I have just set up a bug track at my mantis server here.

Download links:
Windows x86 32bit
Linux x86 32bit
Mac Cocoa x86 (i can’t test this one, so no idea if it works)

More platforms available on request.

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  1. Ian says:

    Just had a play with the Linux build, it’s looking good!

    That said, I’m getting a lot of IOException: Resetting to Invalid Mark. I think this is just MP3SPI freaking out at bad encoding, as MusicMan throws that one a lot too. (I feel kind of hypocritical actually putting that in your bug tracker when it’s still not resolved in mine!)

    Incidentally, there’s no need to relinquish copyright over the work for any licence that I know of!

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