Morrigan Alpha 2

For anyone interested, I have another (probably) stable build for Morrigan. Main new feature: DirectShow or GStreamer support, including video.

Well, There would be a Windows/DirectShow build, if it were not for the issues outlined my last post. Though if anyone wants a windows build with DirectShow, then please ask and I will rig something up :D.

But anyway, for anyone on Linux, this build should be a goodun.

Known Issues:
– The list of file extensions used for library searching / open dialogue is hardcoded to what I can pay on windows. What can actually be played depends on the GStreamer codecs you have installed.
– On Ubuntu 9.10 I am seeing an issue where the video disappears (leaving an empty box) when the video panel is resized smaller. The video re-appears when the panel is made larger again (so just resize it pixel larger and that *should* fix it).
– On Ubuntu 8.10 playing wmv files sometimes crashes the whole thing with a segmentation fault error. Though I suspect this is a GStremer error. :p

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