dev/dream – end of ‘session’ 1

Progress: I can add and remove files from a playlist and doubleclicking them plays that file… providing its a .wav. I tried copying across the playback code from musicman and it seems to work, until you give it a .mp3 and it throws a unknown format exception. *sigh* As soon as i have finished writing this i am stopping to eat dinner.

Since pictures tell far more, here is a sample UI screen shot:

Current issues:
– Can’t play mp3 (when it should).
– My implementation of “? extends AbstractHandler implements IHandler”‘s execute() is really nasty but I can’t workout how I am *supposed* to do it.
– Standard java logging seems to be colliding with RCP – the console handler does not work. Needs further investigation.

fortunately, only the first of these is blocking. If i can clear that, then i can move on and start implementing the library.


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