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Google accounts

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Way back before I got an android phone, I really did not want a google account. I did not need one and I not want the possibility of accidentally leaving it singed and letting google clock up a nice history of my searches. Now I have an android phone, I don’t have a choice.

So the night before I got my android phone I tried to register ‘aefaradien’ as a google account. Opps – name already taken. I don’t know if I registered it ages ago and forgot, or if someone else claimed it. I have tried everything I can think of that would like it to me, but all failed. So I must conclude someone else took it.

So I needed to chose a new username. Dam. But I thought I would be cunning and use a google account hosted at a domain of my choosing. By linking part of to google I was able to create an account called ‘aefaradien’ at that domain and from there use google mail, talk, calender, etc. It works well with the main google apps on android. It seemed like the perfect solution.

But when I tried to get a wave account I realised a problem – that account would only support certain google apps… and no others. Looks like its not a substitute for a google account after all. Back to square one, where I am currently.

My best solution so far is to register the google account “aeferadien” and use that instead. The main problem here is that people have enough trouble spelling my username at the best of times. This just makes it works and adds confusion.

So I have these options:
1. juggle multiple google accounts (which I don’t want to do).
2. transfer everything over to the ‘aeferadien’ account.
3. dream up a new username that is properly different.

thoughts and suggestions?

As a side note: this really dose show the problem with online username name-spaces and the issues with protecting an online identity. An official one-name-space-to-rule-them-all would be bloody useful right about now.