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Friday, November 20th, 2009

The primary porpous pourpous reason for this blog to exist is to make me do more writing. Since i finished my degree 2 years ago i have not written anything longer than an email that was not an application form. Occasionally i rant on LJ, but that does not really count.

I should also note that, at least initially, i am not expecting anyone to read anything i write here. the internet is full of way more interesting stuff and life is short. this is about me doing more writing.

So the plan goes something like this:
1. get nice domain for blog. – check.
2. get nice blog software installed and configured. – installed = yes. configured = working on this one.
3. think of some good things to write about. – got a few initial ideas.
4. write them. – yea… about this step…

The import thing i must remember: this is about writing, not seeing how much i can customize wordpress…